piSTAR Lab Documentation


pistarlogo piSTAR Lab is an open source platform built to make AI experimentation accessible and fun.


piSTAR Lab is in early development.

Who is piSTAR Lab for?

  • AI Enthusiasts and Students:
    • Have fun experimenting with state-of-the-art AI Agents. No coding required.

    • Gain a better intuition about reinforcement learning by creating your own agents.

  • Reinforcement Learning Researchers and Engineers:
    • Showcase your algorithms by creating extensions for other users to enjoy. No restrictive framework/library requirements.

    • Import your externally trained agents.

    • Use piSTAR Lab in your development workflow.

    • Try your algorithm on newly available environments with just a few clicks

  • Game and Environment Developers:
    • Create Extensions” which make your game playable by piSTAR Agents.

    • Train your own Agents for your game’s AI


  • Intuitive UI

  • Extension System for adding new agents, environments or tasks types

  • No framework requirements. Use any framework available in python (other languages coming)

  • Real-time streaming of observations during training

  • Single and Multi player environment support

  • Experiment tracking

  • Python API, anything you can do in the UI, you can do in Python as well

  • Uses Ray Project (https://ray.io/) under the hood for distributed processing

Coming soon (unordered)

  • Simpler installation and better support for Windows and Mac

  • Easily share your trained agents with friends or publicly

  • Docker based agents and environments

  • Remote agents and environments

  • Data environments for agents with support for learning from offline data

  • API for Data Interfaces

  • Support for browser based games and environments so human can interact directly with their agents.

  • Support for other programming languages

  • Human control mode for testing environments via the UI

  • Better workspace integration with VSCode and Jupyter

  • Interactive Debugger

  • Testing and quality verification of extensions


piSTAR Lab is Open Source and welcomes your contributions.

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